Bombing Aleppo  different media on paper   90 x 100 cm    € 500  Heleen den Ouden started the painting.


Like Picasso painted the bombing of Guernica, a first city in Europe, Aleppo was bombed with living citizens like Rotterdam and Dresden. In one street a Jewish woman painted the Aramaic words Eli Eli, lama sabachtani? Oh God Oh God why have you forsaken me? In the other crossing street, my Iraki nabur wrote in Arabic: "I was hungry, thirsty, naked and in prison, but you visited me. Two accusations, one towards God and one of God who is acusing us. 10.000 Jews escaped during the third progrom in 1947 towards Palestine, just before the Independence of Israël.

2000 years ago people spoke Aramaic in Aleppo...





Better to have a handfull of rest

than a fist  full of torture of the mind                                               Oilpaint   90 cm x120 cm  sold 


               Nisjalem   = Its is accomplished  =  ni- shalem = it is shaloom       acryl on canvas 50 x 70 cm  E 1400  sold